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ASA is dedicated to mentoring future generations of sportscasters. Our members embody a vast pool of sportscasting knowledge and experience. This wisdom is for the benefit of the future.

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Confessions of a Baseball Purist: What's Right - and What's Wrong - with Baseball, as Seen from the Best Seat in the House by Jon Miller


In this book the author goes to bat for baseball and reminds us all why we love the game -- for the strategies, the stats, the pennant races and, above all, the crazy quilt of memorable people that make it happen.

In one brilliantly told story after another, Miller artfully captures the most fascinating characters in modern baseball, their idiosyncrasies, their personalities, their habits and fears, bringing such superstars as Joe Morgan, Reggie Jackson, Kirby Puckett, Joe Carter and Eddie Murray to life as no one else can.


Jon Miller is the voice of the San Francisco Giants and ESPN "Sunday Night Baseball." He is also a member of the ASA Board of Directors.


That's a Winner by Jack Buck


In this forthright and honest autobiography, Jack Buck provides readers with an inside look at a man they have heard so often they consider him part of the family. Jack discusses all of the great players and managers with whom he has worked over the years. He talks about his relationship with his former broadcasting partner Harry Caray, still one of the best teams ever during the heyday. He also presents a thoughtful analysis of the problems that exist in baseball today and the outlook for the future.


The author is an ASA Hall of Famer and the long-time voice of the St. Louis Cardinals on KMOX Radio.


Out of Left Field by Jeffrey & Douglas Lyons


This book containing over 1,100 newly discovered and amazing baseball records, connections, coincidences and more, is the perfect book for the baseball fan who has everything. Three years of research have produced a diamond mine of fascinating, never-before-seen gems such as the major league team that broadcasts all of its games in London, the mother and son who both played pro ball, and the .252 hitter after whom an entire town is named.

"I thought I knew a lot of facts about baseball, but after reading Out of Left Field, I realized I didn't know anything." -- Yogi Berra

"I recommend this book for anyone who loves baseball. I certainly learned some interesting facts about our great game." -- Stan Musial

Jeffrey Lyons is the entertainment critic for New York City's WNBC-TV and host of the nationally syndicated radio feature, "The Lyon's Den." Douglas B. Lyons, Jeffrey's younger brother, is a criminal lawyer in New York City.


Merle Harmon Stories by Merle Harmon


Merle Harmon Stories is a collection of narratives gleaned from his more than 40 years of broadcasting. Merle's stories are memorable, funny, informative and make for easy reading.

"Merle was sitting at the top of his profession for five decades and thus in on some of the great stories in the sports world. Now he offers them to us in a rare collection of good laughs and great memories." -- Randy Galloway, Dallas Morning News

"Merle Harmon is a Hall of Famer broadcaster -- and an even better human being. Like Merle, this potpourri of stories is warm, funny, eloquent and riveting." -- Curt Smith, author of Voices of the Game

Merle Harmon is the 1993 recipient of the ASA Graham McNamee Award and a veteran announcer who has covered a wide variety of sporting events during his 45 year career.



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