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Contact: Lou Schwartz

New York, February 24, 1999 -- The American Sportscasters Association(ASA) announced today that Jim Nantz of CBS Sports, Jon Miller of ESPN and the voice of the San Francisco Giants, John Madden of Fox Sports, Joe Morgan of ESPN, and Jim Gray of NBC Sports and Showtime have been voted the 1998 Sportscasters of the Year in a nationwide ballot by its members.

For the first time, the Sportscaster of the Year Award is being presented in the following four categories: Studio Host, Jim Nantz; Play-by-Play, Jon Miller; Reporter, Jim Gray; and in the category of Color/Analyst, Joe Morgan and John Madden, having received equal votes, will both be honored with the award.

The members of the ASA have truly recognized the best of the best in voting Jim Nantz, Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, John Madden and Jim Gray as the 1998 Sportscasters of the Year, stated Dick Enberg, ASA Chairman.

Jim Nantz is currently the host of The NFL Today, the CBS Network’s pre-game, halftime and post-game studio show, and has been with the network since 1985. To his extensive credits, Nantz has served as prime time host of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games from Nagano, Japan; anchor of CBS’ golf coverage, and lead play-by-play announcer for college basketball, including the Final Four and Championship games.

Jon Miller, an award-winning broadcast veteran for more than 20 years, was the play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Orioles for 14 years before moving to San Francisco in 1997 as the voice of the Giants. Miller has also been the play- by-play commentator for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball since its inception in 1990. Miller, the recipient of two CableACE Award in the Sports Play-by- Play category for his baseball coverage, has also called hockey, soccer and basketball games.

Joe Morgan serves as color analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball and has been teamed with Jon Miller since 1990. He also works Division Series games for the network and called the World Series for ESPN Radio. Morgan, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer, began his sportscasting career in 1985 covering the Reds for WLWT-TV. He won a CableACE Award during his first season with ESPN in 1990, and a Sports Emmy in 1997.

John Madden, lead football analyst for Fox Sports, has been partnered with play-by play veteran Pat Summerall for the last 18 years. Madden began his broadcasting career with CBS Sports in 1980, after a successful coaching career with the Oakland Raiders which produced seven division titles and a Super Bowl victory. His ability to explain the game’s finer points and his unique sense of humor has won him 11 Emmy awards.

Jim Gray, reporter for NBC Sports for 10 years, has received critical acclaim for his coverage of such major events as the World Series, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals and the Olympics. Gray also works as a reporter on Showtime network’s boxing coverage, and received an Emmy Award for his interview with Mike Tyson, following the heavyweight’s second loss to Evander Holyfield in 1997.

On December 20, 1998, the American Sportscasters Association announced that the late Ray Scott, longtime Green Bay Packers announcer and NFL commentator for CBS Sports, was selected by the ASA membership as the 1998 Hall of Fame Inductee.

Contact: Lou Schwartz

New York, December 20, 1998 -- Ray Scott has been selected by the membership of the American Sportscasters Association (ASA) as the 1998 Hall of Fame inductee, it was announced today by Louis O. Schwartz, President of the ASA.

The ASA is delighted to honor Ray Scott, a man whose character and integrity as a sports announcer for more than 50 years has been an inspiration for all aspiring sportscasters, stated Schwartz. His play-by-play coverage epitomized the highest level of talent in our profession. Scott’s induction will take place at the Fourteenth Annual Hall of Fame Awards Dinner, to be announced shortly.

The late Ray Scott, known as the Voice of the Green Bay Packers, was the first commentator for the NFL’s national telecasts over the old Dumont Network in 1953. He joined the Packers as their play-by-play announcer in 1956, three years prior to the arrival of Vince Lombardi, and covered the team during their dynasty years until 1967.

Following his stint with Green Bay, Scott was paired with a young Pat Summerall as CBS’ No. 1 announcing team after the merger between the NFL and the AFL, and in 1967 covered the first NFL-AFL title game. During his years as a football announcer, Scott broadcast nine NFL title games, four Super Bowls and virtually every major college bowl game.

After leaving CBS in 1974, Scott did play-by-play for numerous teams, including the Minnesota Twins and Vikings, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In addition to his football duties, Scott has covered golf tournaments, college basketball and baseball’s World Series.

In 1987, Scott was presented with the NFL Alumni’s highest award - the Art Rooney Order of the Leather Helmet. He was also named Sportscaster of the Year 12 times in four different states - Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota - and twice has been named the best sports broadcaster nationally.

Up until his retirement in 1997 due to illness, Scott hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show. On March 23, 1998, after battling numerous health problems, Scott died in a Minneapolis hospital at the age of 78.

ASA Hall of Famers are: Mel Allen, Red Barber, Jack Brickhouse, Jack Buck, Harry Caray, Howard Cosell, Don Dunphy, Marty Glickman, Curt Gowdy, Ernie Harwell, Chick Hearn, Ted Husing, Keith Jackson, Clem McCarthy, Jim McKay, Graham McNamee, Lindsey Nelson, Vin Scully, Chris Schenkel, Bill Stern and Jack Whitaker.

Contact: Lou Schwartz

New York - February 13, 1998 -- Louis O. Schwartz, president and founder of the American Sportscasters Association (ASA), and Dick Enberg, Chairman of the Board of ASA, announced today that the official opening of the ASA Hall of Fame will be on February 26, 1998, as part of and in conjunction with the MCI National Sports Gallery, in Washington, D.C.

"A Nation of Sports Lovers," the gallery's introductory exhibit, will blend in dimensional graphis, vintage film footage and historic artifacts with sound bites featuring the ASA sportscasters which will immerse visitors into the world of American sports. The ASA Hall of Fame will feature a Sportscaster Timeline, Hall of Fame Inductee Exhibit with memorabilia, a Fantasy Play-by-Play Booth and other interactive presentations.

"With the official opening of the ASA Hall of Fame, my main thrust and dream of obtaining a permanent home for the ASA Hall of Fame inductees has been realized," Schwartz said. "Our goal is to preserve the history and memorabilia of sportscasting and sportscasters for generations to come."

Dick Enberg stated, "The ASA Hall of Fame was established to honor those sportscasters who have achieved excellence in the field of sportscasting. Since 1984, annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies have been held to recognize the abilities of the world's top sportscasters. Their accomplisments will be recognized and perpetuated in the ASA Hall of Fame."

The ASA Hall of Fame inductees are: Mel Allen, Red Barber, Jack Brickhouse, Jack Buck, Harry Caray, Howard Cosell, Don Dunphy, Marty Glickman, Curt Gowdy, Ernie Harwell, Chick Hearn, Ted Husing, Keith Jackson, Clem McCarthy, Jim McKay, Graham McNamee, Lindsey Nelson, Chris Schenkel and Vin Scully and Bill Stern.